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Thrilling tour ride in the Apennines between Tuscany-Romagna


Thrilling motorcycle tour ride on the winding mountain roads enjoying the scenic views in the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines

Itinerary: Firenze, Badia Prataglia, Carpegna, Pennabili,, San Leo, San Marino, San Sepolcro, Rimini
Thrilling tour ride in the Apennines between Tuscany-Romagna
This thrilling motorcycle tour ride will lead you on the winding mountain roads in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines surrounded by beautiful panoramas and scenic views.

The part of the Apennines that is included in the area between Bologna, Florence, San Sepolcro and Rimini will surprise you with their challenging winding roads and breathtaking views that are just as beautiful as those of the Alps. In addition, many picturesque medieval villages, ancient sanctuaries, and mysterious castles are scattered around in these mountains where you can stop and take some pictures and visit them.

Furthermore, if you are also a food-lover this will be a perfect destination for you: here you will taste the real traditional Italian cuisine! It is that simple and genuine "peasants' cuisine" that has got famous and beloved almost all over the world!

Let's start out from Bologna, exactly from the entrance 'Casalecchio di Reno' on the A1 Motorway (the Autostrada del Sole). Here, follow the motorway until the exit 'Rioveggio', entering then the first slopes of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines.

The stretch long about 70 km from Casalecchio di Reno to the Mugello Circuit has been for decades the Ducati test track: it is here, on this very challenging road where this famous motorcycle company of Borgo Panigale is testing the Ducati models in order to check their performance.

In this section, there are also two of the most loved Apennine passes by the Italian motorcyclists: Futa Pass and Raticosa Pass.
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On this tour long 594 km through the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines in Italy by motorcycle, you will face these mythical Apennine passes:

Mandrioli Pass, 1173 meters a.s.l.: characterized by puff-shaped rock eruptions.
Giogo Pass, 882 meters a.s.l: an endless series of bends that leads to the Mugello Circuit.
Muraglione Pass, 907 meters a.s.l: a must for lovers of winding roads.
Calla Pass, 1296 meters a.s.l: the road goes between the magnificent Casentino Forests
Colla Pass, 913 meters a.s.l: one of the most scenic routes in the Apennines
Consuma Pass, 1050 meters a.s.l: a road with little traffic and cured asphalt that leads from the upper Arno valley to Florence.
Futa Pass, 903 meters a.s.l: the most beautiful hairpins and bends of the Apennines
Raticosa Pass, 968 meters a.s.l: the epic of Italian motorcycling was born on its curves
Viamaggio Pass, 903 meters a.s.l: a 3rd-century BC Roman road, which connects the Val Tiberina with Valmarecchia
Monte Fumaiolo Pass, 1397 meters a.s.l: the highest point reached on this tour in Italy

On this tour, you can stop and visit these art cities:

Florence: the capital of the Italian Renaissance, the "cradle of art" as it is often called;
Badia Prataglia: a small medieval village nestled in the Casentino Forests;
Carpegna: located in the heart of Montefeltro, the land of saints and warriors who made this village famous in the Middle Ages;
Pennabili: a picturesque village in Valmarecchia;
San Benedetto in Alpe: close to this village is located the beautiful Acquacheta Waterfall (Cascata dell'Acquacheta) mentioned by Dante Alighieri (the great Italian poet, writer, and politician) in the 16th "song of the Hell" ("canto dell'Inferno" - in Italian);
San Leo: is dominated by the imposing Fortress of Montefeltro, the prison of Cagliostro;
San Marino: the oldest Republic in the world perched on Mount Titano;
San Sepolcro: it is the birthplace of Piero della Francesca, the master of the Italian Renaissance painters;

These national parks are located along the motorcycle tour:

Foreste Casentinesi National Park: it is a natural, untouched environment offering incredible beauties. Also, it preserves the largest forests in Europe;
Regional Park of Sasso Simone: a succession of forests of beech and silver fir rich in fauna like bears and lynxes, while the sky over is home to the golden eagle;
Camaldoli State Reserve: in this silent woods is located in a secluded position the evocative Monastery of Camaldoli (Eremo Di Camaldoli), founded in the early 11th century;

Departure: from Bologna, A1 motorway entrance 'Casalecchio di Reno'
Arrival: A14 motorway exit 'Rimini South'
Drive: 594 km (about 14 hours, 19 minutes)

Some pictures along the Thrilling tour ride in the Apennines between Tuscany-Romagna:

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Tour: Thrilling tour ride in the Apennines between Tuscany-Romagna

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