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The unspoilt paradise of the Aeolian Islands


Discover the unspoilt paradise of the Aeolian Islands, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean Sea

Itinerary: Aeolian Islands, Lipari, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, Panarea, Filicudi, Alicudi
The unspoilt paradise of the Aeolian Islands
The beautiful archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is located in the south of Italy and facing the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily. It consists of seven inhabited islands and many islets and rocks outcropping on the sea. On a clear day when there is no fog over the sea, you can even see the islands from a large part of the northeast coast of Sicily.

The island called Lipari is the largest one of the Aeolian Islands. All of them are volcanic islands and still now there are two active volcanoes in Stromboli and Vulcano.

The Archipelago Aeolian, whose name comes from 'Aeolus', the demigod of the wind, offers gloomy color coasts overlooking the sea and verdant slopes in the background. Amazing and unusual landscapes follow each other: large barren areas at the foot of the green and fertile mountains or vast black beaches as ebony contrasting with the crystal-clear sea water or the stunning coastal gorges, many of which are accessible only by sea.

Aeolian Islands are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are an unspoiled small paradise, an ideal place for nature lovers and water sports fans, sailors, divers or swimmers.

The main islands of the Aeolian Archipelago:

Lipari is the largest and the most populated island. Even though it has volcanic origins as well, there have been no signs of this activity for the last 1400 years.

The main town, named also Lipari, is a charming lively village with picturesque streets, two harbors, Marina Lunga and Marina Corta, (this latter a colorful historic port) and a citadel called "Castello" built on a Greek acropolis.

Lipari island is the most developed tourist destination of the Aeolian Islands. You will find here good hotels and other accommodations, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and other kinds of shops. The public transportation is efficient too, and you can also rent a scooter or a car for exploring the island.
We suggest visiting the Archaeological Museum "Luigi Bernabò Brea" displaying a very interesting collection of archaeological finds, many from shipwrecks.

The sea water around is beautiful and crystal clear so it is an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Be only careful with the currents.

Vulcano (pic n°1) is the island with two volcanoes, one with some fumaroles. It is a popular tourist destination during summer. You can watch its smoking main crater, climb up the impressive volcano, or take a mud bath. All volcanoes in the world were named after this island.

Salina (pic n°3) is a real paradise, a green, and fertile island, with two extinct volcanoes. Renowned chiefly for its sweet Malvasia wine and capers. This island is less developed in tourist attractions than Lipari or Volcano, but also cheaper than them or Panarea, though you will find good restaurants, cafés and some nice shops here.

Panarea, (pic n°5)(pic n°6) the oldest island of the Aeolian Archipelago, is a tiny isle, an inactive volcano. Usually, a quite, silent island that in every August becomes a very fashionable place: national and international jet-set people come and spend here their vacation! It is also an ideal place for scuba diving lovers.

Stromboli is probably the most spectacular and also the most famous Aeolian Island due to its almost permanent eruptions! Surely it is one of the most active European volcanoes!

Filicudi is also a small isle with a few accommodations and amenities. It is still an unspoiled paradise far from being a crowded tourist destination.

Alicudi is a small, wild isle with only one hotel and a restaurant. If you are looking for an untouched paradise and a complete relax, this could be the right place for you.

Strombolcchio (pic n°4): a rock in the sea

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Tour: The unspoilt paradise of the Aeolian Islands

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