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Ski holidays in Italy: Limone Piemonte


Tour description

The ski resort of Limone Piemonte with over 80 km of slopes is the perfect place for your winter holiday in the Alps

Itinerary: Limone Piemonte
Ski holidays in Italy: Limone Piemonte
The ski resort of Limone Piemonte (pic n°1) is a little piece of paradise nestled in the snow-covered mountains of the Alps. The village belongs to the province of Cuneo and to 'Comunità Montana delle Alpi del Mare' and it is located in an important position being close to Col de Tende, a mountain pass that divides the Maritime Alps from the Ligurian Alps. Limone Piemonte is a very popular and beloved destination throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why it is also known as "the Queen of the Maritime Alps".

In winter, this resort offers a wide ski area (pic n°2) and lots of services and activities to satisfy all needs. Its ski area is called Riserva Bianca (pic n°5), which is part of the wider ski area of Col de Tende Pass offering more than 80 kilometers of slopes of various altitude between 1000 meters up to 2100 meters above sea level.

The slopes are categorized into different levels of difficulty so that everybody can enjoy skiing here from the beginners to the most advanced skiers while some slopes are dedicated to the training of competition-ski teams as well. There are also some safe and fun off-piste tracks. The whole skiing area is served by a modern ski lift system.

Its geographic position ensures good snow conditions throughout the season, but it also has an artificial snowmaking system so skiing with fun is always guaranteed here.

Thanks to the Winter Olympic Games 2006, held in Turin, the ski resort of Limone Piemonte has been modernized so that it can boast to offer a lot to its visitors: beyond the very efficient ski lift system, the ski area is also equipped with a ski school, an ice-skating rink, many sport facilities, and snow-racket walking routes along picturesque streams. Skiing for disabled people is also available.

You can also hire certified Alpine guides that will escort you for a safe and exciting day on the snow, so you can take part of your favorite activity of skiing, freeriding or climbing.

This location is also children-friendly, having a Kinderpark with many activities for kids.

The village of Limone Piemonte (pic n°6) is located 1000 meters above sea level has still preserved its old charm, with its historic center and its narrow cobblestone streets. Hospitality is what the town cares most about: good accommodations, lots of cafes, pubs, shops and many other facilities to ensure a beautiful ski holiday.

Some pictures of Limone Piemonte ski resort:

Limone Piemonte (pic n°1); The wide accessible ski area (pic n°2); Ski Slopes (pic n°3); Cable car (pic n°4); Riserva Bianca (pic n°5); Night View of the village (pic n°6);

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min. height:

Pistes: green slopes Green slopes:
Pistes: blue slopes Blue slopes:
Pistes: red slopes Red slopes:
Pistes: black slopes Black slopes:
cross-country skiing Cross-country:

2085 m
1043 m

1 km
10 km
64 km
5 km
1 - 8 km
Ski lifts:
ski lifts: gondolas Gondolas:
ski lifts: chair lifts Chair lifts:
ski lifts: drag lifts Drag lifts:

skiing: snowpark Snowparks:

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Tour: Ski holidays in Italy: Limone Piemonte

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Region: Piedmont , Italy

Area: The Alps & The Dolomites

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