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In the heart of the Umbrian Middle Ages


In the heart of the Medieval Umbria along the road that links Bastia Umbra, Assisi and Spello, among the green hills

Itinerary: Assisi, Bastia Umbra, Spello
In the heart of the Umbrian Middle Ages
The road that connects Bastia Umbra, Assisi, and Spello is crossing the green Umbrian valleys and hills, a peaceful area rich in charm, touching some beautiful Umbrian villages that still preserve their medieval past.

Bastia Umbra

Let's start out with Bastia Umbra. This perfectly preserved medieval village recalls the charming atmosphere of other times. Here, you can visit one of the most charming places in the town, the "Rocca Baglionesca" (pic n°3), a fortified construction built in the 15th century by the Baglioni family as their residence. Later, in the 17th century, Rocca Baglionesca was turned into a Benedictine monastery. Inside the fortress, you can visit the 18th-century Church of Sant'Anna.

Also, visit the 14th-century Chiesa di Santa Croce (Church of the Holy Cross) (pic n°1) located in Piazza Mazzini which preserves several paintings and works of art and Chiesa di Sant'Angelo (Church of Sant'Angelo), (pic n°2) the oldest church in the city, located in Piazza Umberto I.


Then head to Assisi, the beautiful historic village declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a unique town where in every corner you could almost touch the history, admire its art and feel the medieval spirituality. One of the most important monuments in Assisi is certainly the Basilica of San Francesco (pic n°4). It is named after St. Francis who was born and died in this city.

This church is formed in two parts: the first one is the Romanesque-style Lower Basilica of the 13th century while there are no records of when the Upper Basilica was added. In the early Gothic-style interior, you can admire some of the most important paintings and frescos of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, among others, by Giotto, Pietro Lorenzetti, and Simone Martini, unfortunately, many of them were partially destroyed by the earthquake of 1997

Then walk towards the city center. Piazza del Comune is the heart of Assisi. There are some beautiful buildings such as Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo with its tower, the Temple of Minerva, and the Palazzo dei Priori. You will also find some places of worship linked to the life of St. Francis, such as the New Church and the Oratory of St. Francis Piccolino. Then take Via San Rufino and reach the Cathedral, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The façade will leave you breathless. From here you can walk towards Rocca Maggiore and then reach the Church of St. Clare, dating from the thirteenth century and with an interior that recalls the Upper Church of the Basilica of St. Francis.

More here: Assisi, a beautiful art city where religion and history meet


When your visit is over take again your route southbound first and then reach Spello (pic n°5) (pic n°6). It is part of the group of villages and cities considered "the most beautiful villages in Italy". In fact, Spello is a magical, fairytale-style medieval town that holds many small hidden treasures (pic n°6), churches, squares, and artworks of masters such as the Pinturicchio and craft works created with dried flowers. You can buy trinkets and various souvenirs carved in wood and also beauty products made with local olive oil.

Departure: Bastia Umbra
Arrival: Spello
Length: Km 21

Some pictures:

Chiesa di Santa Croce (Church of the Holy Cross), Bastia Umbra (pic n°1); Chiesa di Sant'Angelo, Bastia Umbra (pic n°2); Rocca Baglionesca, Bastia Umbra (pic n°3); Basilica of San Francesco, Assisi (pic n°4); Spello, panoramic view (pic n°5); Spello, a Medieval alley (pic n°6);

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Tour: In the heart of the Umbrian Middle Ages

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