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Italy travel guide: great travel tips to help plan your holiday or vacation in Emilia Romagna - what you should not miss when visiting this region


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» AMONG THE MEDIEVAL VILLAGES ON THE GENTLE HILLS OF PIACENZA : Discover Piacenza and its surroundings, through hilly landscapes spotted by vineyards and charming medieval villages
» DISCOVER RAVENNA IN ROMAGNA THE CITY OF ANCIENT HISTORY : Ravenna is an ancient city of great history located by the Adriatic Sea and has become the capital 3 times in the past
» FERRARA, THE BEAUTIFUL RENAISSANCE CITY OF THE D'ESTE FAMILY : Ferrara is known as one of the capitals of Renaissance in Italy, rich in artistic and cultural beauties, near river Po
» MONTEGRIDOLFO, A VILLAGE BUILT AS A MEDIEVAL FORTRESS : Montegridolfo is a restored medieval village, built as a fortress, on the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche
» PARMA HAM, ONE OF THE BEST AND TASTIEST ITALIAN SPECIALTIES : Parma ham, the high quality, worldwide famous Italian ham is one of the most appreciated Italian specialties
» PARMA, THE ART CITY, CENTER OF THE ANCIENT FARNESE DUCHY : Parma, the ancient Farnese Duchy's city, is also rich in artistic beauties, amazing churches and imposing palaces
» PARMIGIANO REGGIANO DOP THE WORLD-WIDE FAMOUS ITALIAN CHEESE : Parmigiano Reggiano DOP is an excellent hard long-aging Italian cheese known as Parmesan Cheese, is used in many recipes
» THE PO RIVER DELTA, A BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, NATURAL ENVIRONMENT : The Regional Park of the Po River Delta is an amazing environment, where nature, flora, fauna, art, and history meet
» TRADITIONAL MODENA'S BALSAMIC VINEGAR, SWEET-AND-SOUR FLAVOR : The balsamic vinegar of Modena is one of the most typical and delicious flavors of the traditional Italian cuisine
» WALKING ALONG THE STREETS OF BOLOGNA : A pleasant walk among the ancient churches and palaces of Bologna to discover the soul of this beautiful city

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