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Molise - Castle Roccamandolfi
Castle Roccamandolfi

Molise : Castle Roccamandolfi

Molise : Church of St. Bartholomew Campobasso

Molise : The Fraternal fountain in Isernia

Molise : Mountains of Molise

Molise : Lake Guardialfiera

Molise : View of Agnone

Molise : Saracen tower in Termoli

Molise : The beach of Marina di Montenero

Capital city: Campobasso

Provinces: Campobasso, Isernia

Molise, located in the central-southern part of Italy is a small region between Abruzzo and Apulia, and it extends from the peaks of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. It preserves a high amount of cultural and architectural treasures.
The main city, Campobasso, is home to the imposing Castello Monforte and it is rich in history and culture while the historic center of Isernia is like a little jewel. Apart from the two biggest cities, Molise is scattered with small and picturesque villages that preserve old traditions.

Many castles, abbeys, churches and shrines are located here, and most of them are the expression of the Medieval or the Romanesque styles. There is also a protected area called the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise.

Tratturi, the ancient paths used during the periods of transhumance is the evidence of the old rural traditions.
Those who love winter sports can enjoy the beautiful ski area in Campitello Matese, while Termoli and Campomarino, with their well-equipped beaches, are perfect for sea lovers.

Food and drinks: the main products are oil, the truffle of Isernia, saggicciotti (liver sausages), and many kinds of cheese and dairy products, such as stracciate and burrini. There are many typical dishes and desserts, such as maccheroni alla chitarra, pallotte cacio e uova, turcinelli, peccellate, and cippillati, while the best wines are Pentro and Biferno.


Great travel tips: what you should not miss when visiting region Molise

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Ski Resort Campitello Matese in Molise, South Italy

Itinerary: Campitello Matese

South Italy

Ski Resort Campitello Matese in Molise, South Italy

Campitello Matese is a well-known ski resort in the South Italy, with about 40 km of ski slopes and a snow park

Cat.: Ski Resorts

Location: Mountainside

Region: Molise

*From Venafro to Agnone to discover the amazing Molise


Itinerary: Venafro, Scapoli, Castel S.Vincenzo, Carovilli, Agnone

North Italy

From Venafro to Agnone to discover the amazing Molise

A tour across Venafro, Scapoli, Pietrabbondante and Agnone to discover Molise's ancient history and traditions

Cat.: Country tour

Location: Countryside

Region: Molise

Agnone, a beautiful town where art and nature live together

Itinerary: Agnone

South Italy

Agnone, a beautiful town where art and nature live together

Let's discover Agnone in Molise, located at the border of the wonderful National Park of Abruzzo, between art and nature

Cat.: Art City

Location: Mountainside

Region: Molise


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